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About Us

About Our Association

The United States Police Defensive Tactics Association was founded in 1979 in Cleveland Ohio by Officer Ray Szuch. Its purpose was to bring about a uniform method of training security personnel and police officers in deploying defense tactics when in the performance of their duty.

In 2005, the USPDTA was reformed under the leadership of Dr. Ric Black a 50-year martial arts veteran and a Trainer with the USPDTA since 1982. The reformation led to an expansion with an international website, certification programs, educational articles, seminars, videos, books, training manuals and formation of the World Defense Tactics Association to bring about a global connection through the internet, social media and recognition of our international counterparts in security, law enforcement and military.

Mission Statement

The United States Police Defensive Tactics Association and the World Defense Tactics Association is the oldest continuous training organization in North America with more than 100 international affiliates involved in teaching martial arts, law enforcement and military tactics on a global scale.
The USPDTA and WDTA is a company created solely for the purpose of providing the latest and most effective methods of tactics training in existence today

Our Values

Integrity, Commitment and Excellence in all we do

Our Vision Statement

Being the Premier Provider of Martial Arts, Law Enforcement and Military Tactics on a global scale

Our Mission Statement

“To Partner with our clients to develop and maintain integrated and innovative training methods to meet the most rigorous demands today for the global challenges of tomorrow.”

Our Goals

  • Maximize Support to our Clients
  • Ensure Client Satisfaction
  • Optimize Training Methodologies
  • Teaching and Leading by Example
  • Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work Prevail
  • Employing Safe and Sensible Practices
  • Conserve Our and Client Resources

Our Business Ethics