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Gun Defense-Defending yourself against an armed assailant- Ric Black

Defending yourself against an armed assailant

(0:13) We’re going to work some things with guns. Today, we’re going to be using rubber headed.

(0:17) With Mr. Prietro Verata and using techniques that are very very defense oriented. One of the things that you want to be sure that you understand when you’re facing an opponent with a gun.

(0:29) If he walks up to you and cocks it like this and right him to check.

(0:34) Give everything you’ve got because you’re dead, because all it takes… is a very very light squeeze.

(0:43) Now, defense against a gun. For the frontal techniques, frontal techniques when the opponent has a gun on you, very much like a knife technique, you move your body opposite so that the weapon… *unfinished sentence*.

(0:58) You can’t see here but it’s about six inches away from my body. Get the gun work to discharge, it would go out past your body. You slide directly in, striking the opponent to the throat, or to the face.

(1:12) Take the gun directly opposite, break the grip. Same type of technique here, drawing the gun up and away so that it discharges out this way, strike the opponent to the groin, to the face and move the weapon away.

(1:34) From a frontal technique again, from the inside, drawing the opponent’s gun away from you, very much like we did with the knife and move him opposite, retain the gun.

(1:45) When the gun is on you here, reversing the gun in this type of position, taking it away from the opponent.

(1:53) Position here, draw the gun away, take it down this way, drawing it away. Use it as a battling ram against the side of his temple.

(2:06) Coming here, drawing the gun down and out of the hand, directly fast, without breaking the finger as you would see in  traditional karate techniques.

(2:16) Here, up and away, drawing the weapon here, drawing the technique down, drawing the opponent to the ground, retaining the weapon again.

(2:26) To the side of the head, traditional type of military techniques. Again, draw the gun behind you, when it discharges. Come into the body, from the side again, where your technique comes in here, draw the weapon away from you so the gun discharges at here, take your opponent in position, down. Use the weapon as oblegion.

(2:51) From behind. Now again, roll with the body, weapon’s discharge in here, coming directly into your opponent, take him down, retain the gun. It makes a good souvenir to take home with you.

(3:05) Again, from behind. Now this time I want him to put it to my head.

(3:16) Now, easiest thing to do here. The gun is in a high position, it has a cock turn into anything you have to do. Slide around, look up, pass through my head, finally inside here, I come in, take it, strike my opponent here and I move the gun out and away. Pulling direct.

(3:36) Same thing to the front. He’s got me right here, easiest thing for me to do, slip away right here, pull it away from him, coming into the side of the neck, I collapse the arm, walking to the wrist, I pulled the weapon right here. Smack him upside the head.

(3:53) Now, he’s got a little bit here in the crack of my throat. Easiest way for me here, now you see up I move my body in any direction here. He’s got a much much broader target, easiest thing for me to do is to slip up and under, so that the gun goes out here, I reverse it this way and take the gun away from him. Drawing it out of his hand.

(4:13) That’s very very simple gun defense. I hope you enjoyed it, until next time.

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