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Jeff Everetts

Jeff Everetts – Senior Trainer

Sr. Grandmaster (Soke) Jeffrey Everetts, 10th Dan began his martial arts career in 1966 at the age of 9. He began training in the art of Judo and moved next to Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do and Indonesian Kun Tao, and accomplished his first black belt and black sash.

1975 United States Army as a medical specialist and nuclear, biological, and chemical NCO and communications NCO, and weapons expert.
Teaching “hand to hand” combat to military personnel in Mannheim, Germany
1979 trained in Tae Kwon Do, Kun Tao, Hapkido, and Tai Chi under Master Alan Woodard (founder of the Chinese Martial Arts Academy), Kyueng Woon Lee, (founder of TKD Chang Moo Kwan, USA), Grandmaster Will D. Egner,( current Sr. GM of TKD Chang Moo Kwan, USA ) the late Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung, ( founder of World Hapkido Federation and founder of Korea Yon Moo Kwan TKD Association), Grandmaster Jung Soo Park, ( Park’s TKD Federation), Grandmaster John Pelligrini in Hapkido, and the late Grandmaster Arthur Sikes of the North American Self Defense Association.

Jeff is the founder of the International Hosinsul (self-defense) Federation and is currently certified as 10th Dan Soke with the World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts and the Academy of Oriental Martial Arts. He is an 9th Dan World National Grandmaster “oversee” under Sr. Grandmaster Kyueng Woon Lee and Grandmaster Will D. Egner ( Chang Moo Kwan TKD) and sanctioned as the North Eastern District Headquarters, 8th degree official representative of the Korean Yudo and Hapkido Association, 9th Dan with the Independent Hapkido Federation, and 8th Dan in Indonesian KunTao and is a certified Asian Grandmaster of Korean Martial Arts of the Asian Grandmaster Society/ World Martial Arts Organization, certified 6th Dan International instructor of the Korea Yon Moo Kwan TKD Association with certificate of appointment, 5th Dan Master and co-founder of Deceptive Eye Kung Fu, and 5rd Dan in Hapkido under the World Hapkido Federation plus holds and international certificate of qualification, and is a certified Grandmaster and member of the board of officers for the Global Network of Professional Reality Based Fighting instructors under Soke Dave D’Antonio( founder).