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Martial Arts – Basic Edged Weapons Tactics Part – 3

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(25:31) Use your body, there you go.

(25:48) See, the difference between that and this is when I come in to position. See? All right, over here.

(26:07) But I just wanna show that the difference is traumatic.

(26:15) Okay, people don’t understand the feel, you see? It’s the same thing from coming here to cut down and draw a back. All right.

(26:29) What I’m trying to tell you that the difference between the two is traumatic. Okay. Same thing I step in here and with the real blade, the real fighter. My position and I wanna retain the knife again, right here. See I draw as I come away.

(26:51) So you can see. The first motion that we did; see. And as I draw away, okay but I pull the knife down.

(27:08) The second motion that I showed you, sliding up. See, that’s all right. Okay.

(27:14) Third motion, very simple. See.

(27:23) Fourth motion, in here and the fifth motion coming in here.

(27:34) The sixth motion, is very simple. In position, all right.

(27:50) Be careful. Be very careful. Get crushed. Very careful. All of them. Very careful, very slow. Take your time.

(28:07) Step in, you gotta get in there.

(28:18) Slide up. Push… push it up underneath the chin.

(28:27) Don’t play. That’s it.

(28:35) Okay, the third one. Inside downward cut.

(28:41) Get in, just step away. Let the blade cut. Set the blade directly on, see, you wanna set the blade directly on the neck like this. Yeah. Doesn’t matter it’s a double-edged blade.

(29:06) Temple. Yep and then the next, blade the neck. Good, next.

(29:15) Number five, to the neck. Okay now to the groin.

(29:30) And just step away. Now one of the things you can do, you can do the knife you can do coming in to the leg, you can do two different types of motions, please give him a knife. See it has some resemblance of protection, all right. At a work for me.

(29:48) I can come in to the groin, this way. Directly on a several; the scrotum, the testicles and the penis. Or I can come in here and take the formuralargary. I prefer to do the formuralargary. Well, I wouldn’t want somebody cutting up my jewels, I would rather, you know be a little more classy and let them you know, it’s not as painful.

(30:12) You feel it. You feel the cut, but you don’t. You bleed out real quick. Well, probably a little more on that. Yeah, respectively.

(30:24) Now, you can see that that motion is very very simple. Now combative motions if you’re trying to be a little bit vicious to an individual. Do this, I come in here in an adverse. I come in this way and I draw across the, you know the totally disturretum.

(30:42) Okay. Now as you can see, switch please.

(30:47) Always want you to have a bird’s eye view idea of of things. Now, okay. As you come in in here, now I set the knife in there, you can tell it’s setting in there deep. Now all I have to do is pull across to taking the eviscerate. You know and he’s holding his intestines.

(31:06) Okay. But you can feel, look at the uniform. You can see where that edged blade set right there.

(31:12) I mean there was no play.

(31:17) Well, show me. Groin, femoral, evisceration. .

(31:25) No, I want all three. I want six, seven and eight.

(31:38) Good. Now, seven you’re just gonna take and just set it in. Yeah.

(31:49) Draw that back ’cause you’re trying to pull your arm, just let the knife work, don’t you work. Yes. Okay, now switch, please. Good.

(32:37) The femoral, number seven. Okay then the evisceration, number eight. That’s it and just push cross. That’s it. Good.

(32:50) You did the first one before. Oh you want that one, okay and you switch off and do number one. To the side. Good.

(33:08) Slide up, number two.

(33:17)All right. Inside downward cut, number three. There you go.

(33:28) Number four to the temple.

(33:33) Okay, number five to the throat. Good.

(33:44) Now, okay. We can set the knives down through the time being. Now, Bryan… if you’d come over here, please.

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