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Martial Arts – Basic Edged Weapons Tactics Part – 4

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Gun Weapon Techniques

(34:03) We don’t wanna leave the other guy out of course, now this is a military model 1911A-45 caliber. Okay, colt.

(34:15) Man puts the gun on you, put it in my face. Give me your money. All right, very very easy. (In action) Okay. All right, I’ll show you that again.

(34:32) I’ll show you slowly. Stepping out of the way, bringing it down this way. All right.

(34:41) Now we’re gonna have chance to do this, now pay attention real close. See this? What I’m doing is I’m getting out of the way of the gun. Pulling out this way, bring it in my hand. Okay.

(35:06) Not as easy as it looks, is it? Okay, now watch again. It is not easy. Everybody goes ‘Oh, looks simple’. Sure, of course it does.

(35:15) See grab the bar off. All right, and what I’m doing is turning to the outside and I’m stepping back.

(35:24) Yeah, you pull it out this way. And so you want that always to remain as it discharge going out this way, you see. Nope. Okay, see… now, see the whole idea is this; he’s here, and I’m stepping away. You’re gonna jerk it and then step back away. Correct.

(36:01) Put it in your other hands, step back away. There you go. One more time. Okay, now you do the same thing. Bryan, I’ll show you so you can see.

(36:18) Very simple. All right, we’re here. See? All right, again. Please. Good. One more time.

(36:43) All right. Now, that’s gun technique number one, here’s gun technique number two.

Same type of position, okay. Now, I’m going to take the gun away this way, I’m going to step away, all right. Show you this again, nice and simple. I’ll show you slowly. Step away, take the knife, take them down, and I’m in position. All right. If you would, then I’ll show with Bryan.

(37:17) I did. Step an obstruction. Down. No. Down. You just gotta, see, when you have your position, here you have to be. You can’t screw around. Take it away from him, yeah. Okay. Yep. And step away, and that’s it. Then you take charge.

(38:00) You gotta step to the side, you gotta get out of the way that the blast on. You gotta understand that the damage for attacks on a 45 at a foot, is this far on either side of the barrel. Okay.

(38:17) The discharge alone will blow you eye right out to your head. Bullet will pass the side of your face, but it’ll will blow your eye out. Okay, now see, so you can see Bryan. Okay, if you would, sir. Good. Again. Good.

(39:01) Now, number three. Same place. Now, this is going to be a little bit different what we’re gonna do is we’re going to use the left hand on this. We’re going to step to the right side, okay the position comes here and positions comes here and I step back away. I’ll show you quickly.

(39:29) All right. One more time so you can see. Step to the left, use your right hand, pull the gun directly back towards you. Okay.

(39:51) There you go, again. All right. Now, I’ll show you, Bryan with Mike. Okay, it’s right here, he’s got that right on me. Good. Again. Again, one more time.

(40:31) Good. Now, position number four, very very simple.

(40:38) Now, we’re working forward to the head positions so far, so let’s make number four to the mid thorax shot. Now he’s got death to your center, there’s no up or down. You have to move to the one side of the other, what we wanna do is wanna step to a right and come in this way.

(41:00) Okay, watch again. We’re here. I’ll show you slowly. I’m stepping in and I’m turning my body parallel to the gun. See that? Pulling here, and I’m stepping back away. Show you again, real quick. Here, okay. Bryan, Mike if you give a shot, please. Get closer, there you go.

(41:40) Nah, yes I did. But you gotta pull, you gotta have intent. You know what intent, intent is to live. No intent because it’s all on you. Okay. Not enough intent. That’s intent.

(42:20) Okay, now you need to it to the left hand. No, do it with the left. Step to your right, use your left. That’s it. Okay now, so that you can see Bryan.

(42:38) He’s got here, and what I’m doing is I’m taking the weapon this way. All right. And position very simple, parallel my body and gun would come off this way, I’m stepping back and I’m going to him here. Okay, if you would please. Very nice. Good.

(43:12) Now number five. Mid-position again. Now this one, always pisses people off. Okay, this is the most fun one that I did. All right, what we’re gonna is we’re gonna step to the left, all right and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna turn the weapon this way, and I’m coming right here. Okay. Again. So you can see slow, I step to the left and I just turn the gun around this way. All right, try it again. Slow. All right, step, see turn the gun this way and step back and it’s just right here still cut. All right. Well, doesn’t really matter. You know. Turn it, turn it. Yes and pull back. Okay, you’re trying to step back too far. Okay this thing you can turn it, you wanna pivot in here, okay. So, as positions come in, you step away and turn the weapon this way, there you have it you see.

(44:25) Sure. You gotta turn it, turn it. Jerk it in his hand. That’s it! Intent. Intent or dead. Okay, so you can see, Bryan. Okay, this gun at position. Very simple. All right, again. All right. That works to set too here, see you went to the side he discharged the gun into the opposite way. You turn… There you go.

(45:31) Good. Okay, good. Now, one of things that people don’t realize, with a weapon like this, one of the easiest things that you can do is you can step opposite the blast channel. Step up underneath and you pull the gun back, if he had his finger on the trigger ready to press,  I could pull the entire spring back in this up the gun. And it can’t discharge.

(46:03) Okay. Just see, you’d see. It pops the bullet right directly out of the chamber. This way… see he can’t do anything, then all you do is this, all right. Okay, then you’re in position right here. All right. Okay, now we’re gonna move on to some other things.

(46:42) Ten minutes, okay.

Cookery Type Knife

(46:43) Now this is cookery. Cookery type knife. This is by-called steel.

(46:50) What I’m just wanna show you a couple of real basic cuts, I’m gonna have you two cuts with this. The first cut is a striking cut what you call a trim cut. It’s a forty-five degree angle, the position comes down here and severes through the body. Just basic clean cuts, it cuts right down through. Okay now, position goes here… down.

(47:15) Position two is very very simple, it comes across. This is what they call lopping cut. The lopping cut comes this way, stepping the body through. Okay, so the first one, over the head… down. The second one, stepping in the end. Okay so you can see, with one another, please.

(47:45) And just cut, cut in front. Just cut! Good and then the second one’s lopping motion. Inside and out. That’s it, good. Now cut. Excellent. Switch, please.

(48:07) Okay. Good. Now second motion inside cut. See how easy that is? Okay and it believe me, it will cut. All right let’s line up please.

(48:33) Gentleman, thank you very much. Hope you had a nice class.

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