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Combat Gun Defense Techniques – Part 3

Combat Gun Defense Techniques HIGH MASS TECNHIQUES Read Part – 1 Read Part – 2 (14:48) Now, we’ve used some basic frontal techniques. Those were very very simple techniques. One of the things we’re going to do now is we’re going to go to the back. You ever used an ATM? Of course, you does. You ever have your back …

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Combat Gun Defense Techniques – Part 2

Combat Gun Defense Techniques Low Mass Techniques Read Part – 1 (09:37) Now another thing we’re going to do, we’ve done to the center mass which is the most common type of attack. Now we’re going to move to low mass. Low mass being beneath lower abdominal area. What happens here is you’re actually looking down on the weapon. For …

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The Survival Mindset

The Survival Mindset It is difficult to talk about the psychology of survival, if you have never been faced with coping with survival.  I made friends with soldiers in wars in faraway lands where people were firing at us trying to kill us. People we had nothing against that were still trying to kill us. This caused a great deal …

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