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Self Defense – Knife Defense Tactics – Ric Black – USPDTA

Knife Defense

Self Defense – Knife Defense Tactics – Ric Black (0:11) This is going to the first in the series of knife techniques. Very simple fight, very slow to help you understand the do’s and don’ts of knife defense. (0:22) One of the first things that we do when an individual places the knife against you, you don’t make any overt …

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Personnel Search – Pat down – Frisking demonstration-Unarmed Combat Tactics

Personnel Search – Pat down – Frisking demonstration (0:17) Hello my name is Kurt Vandegrift, I’m the Director of Operations for United States Police Defensive Tactics Association. (0:24) With me today is Matt Ricky, he’s one of my longtime students and member of the USPDTA. We’re going to work with you and do some unarmed combative techniques today. (0:35) We …

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Gun Defense-Defending yourself against an armed assailant- Ric Black

Defending yourself against an armed assailant (0:13) We’re going to work some things with guns. Today, we’re going to be using rubber headed. (0:17) With Mr. Prietro Verata and using techniques that are very very defense oriented. One of the things that you want to be sure that you understand when you’re facing an opponent with a gun. (0:29) If …

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