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Rob Ord

Robert Ord – Director of Security Operationsrobert_ord

Founder of Falken Industries LLC – Security, Private Investigation and Professional Protective Services

Defense Tactics & Military Certifications:

US Military and Police Unarmed Tactics Instructor
US Mounted Bicycle Police Defensive Riding Instructor
A Certified law enforcement officer in Florida & Virginia
Certified training law enforcement, investigation and security training.
Field Force Member Elite Tactical Team
2000 Certified Crime Prevention Officer in Virginia
Special Conservator of the Peace (since 2003)
Special Police Officer for the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department
Maryland State Police Weapons Permit Instructor
Certified Compliance Agent under the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice.
Certified Private Investigator under the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice.
Registered Special Conservator of the Peace under the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice S.R.T., Slow, Methodical and Dynamic Entry SWAT Training
USPDTA Certified Instructor Police & Military Tactics
Skip Trace and Fugitive Recovery (1999-2005)
Mounted Bicycle Tactics & Riding Baton
Pistol Defensive Tactics Pepper Spray
Precision Rifle

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Martial Arts: 1979 – Present

Inductee into International Martial Arts Halls of Fame – World Head of Family Sokeship Council 2000 7th Degree Black Belt (Renshi) – Karate, Jujitsu, and Weaponry


BSc Oriental Studies MSc Business