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Self Defense (Knife Defense) Close Quarters Combat Part – 1

Self Defense (Knife Defense) Close Quarters Combat

(00:19) My name is  Kirk Vandegrift, I’m the director of Operations for the USPDTA. I have Jerry Wiener here with me.

(00:24) We’re gonna talk about the frontal assault, we’re gonna be taking up from where we…. *unfinished sentence*.

Frontal Assualt

(00:28) We are on the knife defenses, a frontal assault is the individuals now not just holding a knife on me. Now he’s coming at me and attacking. Okay.

(00:38) A lot of these are gonna be worked against each a trained or non-trained individual, but we are gonna talk about the basic techniques here to survive.

(00:46) Okay, Jerry here is gonna attack me in a most common, he’s got that, he’s gonna thrust that at me. If I stand here, and stay square; I’m giving him all these targets. Okay, I’m making his jaw busy. What I wanna do, I see he’s gonna attack. If I have the opportunity, before he even moves; I wanna turn and cut down on his targets that he has to attack me with.

(01:13) So, if I see that I’m already ahead of the game if I can take away some of his targets. I’ll cut his targets basically in half at this point.

(01:21) But so I don’t have a chance when he thrust at me by simply stepping; I’m making distance from me and him, and I cut away the targets. And this I haven’t even touched the blade, yet. And the blade, I’m out of its danger zone right now. I mean if he weren’t to continue, you gotta have to do something but just for the basic movement when he thrust, if I step back… drops step and rotate, I’m getting ready to give myself a little safety zone there.

Self Defense - Knife Defense

-Slapping Technique

(01:49) Okay, now. We’re gonna talk about the basic slapping the knife away and techniques already shown. As Jerry steps and I rotate, I step and you noticed that he almost drop the knife there just with a little slap.

(02:05) Okay. There are no same things in here, once they are hit they are losing the grip. Okay, so when Jerry step in; I’m slapping. That’s not enough because he can re-grip and come back. So as I slap, now I need to eliminate the threat. Okay, so as Jerry steps; I’m gonna slap and I’m just gonna check, I’m not trying to grab this, do anything fancy.

(02:28) I’m just gonna check and as I come in, I’m gonna stop as I step. If I was on ice, or any kind of uneven surface. If I’m trying to slide I may stumble.

(02:38) But if I stop down square, now I’ve got a solid base. Okay. So as he steps, I’m gonna slap and all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hitting with the edge of my hand to the side of his neck. I will guarantee, one hundred percent you hit him this with some force; he will drop immediately.

(02:55) Out cold. Okay. So, as he steps… I’m here. I don’t care if it goes up, wherever it goes; because I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna check, I’m gonna step in and I’m gonna do the strike. He will then drop. As you can see my hand automatically slid.

(03:12) So I’m gonna protect the position if I have to. I could take the knife away, but I’m in good position to strike with air. If the one strike, just kinda stumbled in a little bit; I will just keep continuing. Until he dropped.

(03:26) Okay, those techniques would be very effective. Okay, again. He’s gonna launch, I’m gonna step here as shown before. I’m gonna step down and I’m gonna attack the groin, right here. And after I attack the groin, I’m gonna rig the chamber; I wanna drive that elbow to his skull.

(03:45) Guarantee that would cause a lot of damage because you gotta remember, in this situation; fear is one of your best weapons. Because you’re drawn to flow, you’re gonna have so much more strength and speed than you can imagine because of it.

(04:00) So, as he steps; I’m stepping, bang to the groin, above the head. Again, he doesn’t go down, I can keep driving that with an in till he stops. Okay.

(04:13) Because Jerry may have a thick skull and maybe mine, because of the adrenaline… I was off just a little bit. Made my fighting more skills were little derange to ruffle a little bit and I missed so I can always strike again, but remember; we’re on an uneven surface. We’re on the street, we’re on a curb, or an ice, we’re on wet surface.

(04:37) If I slide, he may move and I may slip. So I wanna keep a good basis ago.

(4:44) Another thing now, as Jerry attacks and he’s coming in, I’m just using the open slap away from here right now. As I slap that away, and I drive; if I slap and use force, and I dropped in to Jerry… without even hitting him with any weapon. That’s what I can do with just my body, when I come in. Okay.

-Elbow Strike

(05:07) And somebody that is smaller than me, that has got a smaller shoulder the point of the shoulders is a nice weapon. If you have to just get in and get off of it. But you use that same movement on your strikes, and now I’ve got my whole body, instead of just my arm.

(05:22) My whole body is delivering that blow. Okay, from this movement. He steps, boom.. I’m here. I can elbow-strike, I can knife hand… all from that same position are really easy.

(05:36) I can knife hand, I can elbow-strike, follow through come light back. Okay. You want to do this in a very violent and efficient manner. Okay, you want to drop this individual immediately. Okay, because if I give him a chance, I will make a night’s kebab. Okay.

(05:55) I wanna get him eliminated immediately. All right.

(05:59) That’s of base weave. He’s gonna step, I step her… give myself distance, okay. Now, I check; I simply come in knife-hand, we’ll dropping in. And if it’s not my knife-hand, this is the side of my arm.

(06:14) This will take his head clean off, okay. He will think you just decapitate him because of that force, okay.

(06:20) Bang! I’m hitting and that don’t work— rechamber and palm-strike. All these techniques you’ve already seen in the earlier version, okay.

(6:30) Now, Jerry’s gonna launch again. I’m gonna step this time, I’m gonna stead off slapping away. Relax on movement, okay. I don’t wanna make a big circle. Because if I make that big circle, I give him more time to fall through his attack.

(06:48) And I’m open. He steps as I step, boom. Got here. I’m protected, my body is protected, I got still more chance, okay. I’m in a perfect position to come in now and continue my attack. Okay.

(07:03) I’m going from getting away to now I’m going to attack and be the aggressor. Okay. So as he launches, I strike it down. Elbow… right here to the head, continue on through whatever I need to do to stop him. Okay.

(07:20) But that elbow strikes in close because if I on this type, and I try to throw a fist. I’m too close. So use the most powerful weapon that your disposal right here. Okay.

(07:34) So as he steps through, boom. Now I’ve got good distance. Okay, look just by  a little slap, and I might have the radial  nerve runs along here. As I’m slapping, I’m actually losing his grip at the same time. Okay.

(07:47) And make him fake, aww… that hurt. Okay. So as I slap at them, now I can come through with open hand strikes. Okay.

(07:57) I can come through with the fist to the base to jaw to the temple. Bang. Guarantee, he will drop like a lie. He will be out. Okay.

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