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Self Defense (Knife Defense) Close Quarters Combat Part – 2

Self Defense (Knife Defense) Close Quarters Combat

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(8:09) Now, as Jerry’s lounging, I wanna just say— You give him a three yes it’s here. Even if it’s close and I’m turning. If I’m turning, as he’s coming in… I’m cutting down on the damages gonna occur to me.

(08:23) Even if it cuts me, because like Dr. Black’s saturor, you’re gonna get cut. And if he’s coming in, and I stand here. You’re sticking through my back bone, but if I’m rotating to get out of the way; even if it’s too close not as a little slow. I cut down on the chances of the being a permanent loan that’s gonna kill me. Okay.

(08:45) So, I’m gonna step whacks the all downward strikes, what we’re gonna call it. He’s coming downward block, downward block, back fist, drop the individual. Again, he’s gonna step through launch, down block, check, palm strike. Now, as I palm strike, okay, I can come right here to base of the skull or base of the chin.

(09:10) As I come here now, look who’s head’s gonna snap. Okay. Send in more, okay. And I’m doing this very nice, and look what that does to him. Okay now that’s pull of through, with force. Okay, given a chance you may snap his neck. But at least you’re gonna cause him to be down over there, you knew the opportunity to get away. Okay.

(09:33) Now, again. He’s gonna step in and this time, as I step, I’m gonna step and I’m causing it to go passed my body. Again, now. Once it comes through, he’s at lounging; I stepped now when that elbow comes in on the strike, just as the way we’re doing it gets a knife to the back. He’s stepping here is the same thing, you just take it from there to now. It’s a moving individual. I blocked, I’m right here to attack. Okay.

(10:07) Again, Jerry’s gonna launch. I blocked it away from me, I come with that knife hand strike. Here a little tap and Jerry would take it, that will makes you a little hard-headed, while I go out you, go out really easy. Okay, we’re just… I’m just barely touching him. I mean we’re not using any force; Jerry is a friend, I do not wanna hurt him.

(10:29) Remember that when you’re training. You have a partner, you hurt you partner… you just hurt your chances of training any further. Okay.

(10:37) Jerry’s gonna launch again, downward strike. I’m gonna step in now, if Jerry want to come back, my body is blocking his attack unless he moves back himself.

(10:49) As I block and I move in, I’m moving in and throw that elbow-strike to the back of the head. Or I block and I’m moving in, elbow-strike, kidney crash, wedge hand, whatever… to stop the threat. All right. Okay.

(11:10) That’s all the basic launch technique. The biggest thing you can do for yourself is get off center. Get off center. Okay, anybody stands here and come and get me, probably a last turn to be secured. Okay, it’s just the way it’s gonna be.

(11:26) You’re here, get off center. You see he’s got a knife, get off center. Get your hands ready to defend yourself. Get in that state of mind. Okay. You have to go turn that stretch on now. Do I have to do what it takes to survive. And remember, in this situation; I may be coming out of the theater with my family. Okay, it may not be just you that you have to get home safely.

(11:53) So, we have a frontal attack coming, and I will then just blocking, stepping with a strike, stepping with a strike… very easy techniques. Just take him off from what’s already been done from contact. Okay.

(12:11) Now, front assault. Jerry’s gonna be coming and he’s gonna slice at me, okay. It’s a move here, what do you do, okay. Well you have a variable choices. One, I don’t wanna stand here and let him slice me from side to side, okay and watch my index fall at the ground; that’s not a good thing, okay.

(12:32) So, as he’s throwing that, I can block here to wrist. To stop snap, remember. He’s gonna cause a snap, causing the fall. I can block at the elbow. Okay.

(12:44) So when he’s throwing that and I like to get off here, ready to go. Okay. If those hands in a defensive position, okay. So as he’s throwing, I’m blocking… see what happens. Elbow strike, down it goes. Okay. He’s slicing and I miss one, I don’t wanna get back here a lot of times, because if I misjudge, I just make it easy for him.

(13:11) What’s tougher for him is if he slice and if I get in close. I get in tight that takes away his body to have an effective slice on me. So when he does that, I’m gonna step in. Now that perfect time for a growing crash, okay right there.

(13:27) Upper elbow strike, enter the chin, that will take him completely out. Okay.

(13:34) Again, he’s gonna slide and I miss here, but if he slides and I hit; there… I still caused him to drop the knife. Okay. That’s not a pleasant sensation, okay. I’ve got it out here, I can knife hand strike, I can inside knife hand to the throat, under the chin; all these strikes are very effective. A lot of them are lethal.

(14:02) That will be lethal because you’re adrenaline’s gonna be flowing. You’re gonna be out of your mind in fear. Okay.

14:11) Now. Fear does not mean that I’m not able to defend myself, I wanna take that fear and use it as energy to stop that aggressor. Okay.

(14:23) He’s gonna slice , okay. So, he slices and I do step back. Now once he goes by, I wanna step back in now so he can’t come back with it. Okay.

(14:36) So, he’s slicing, I step back and I’m attacking. Strike to the head. Okay. Strike to the head. This is a very very risky maneuver because if I slice here and I’m slow, he’s gonna be coming right back with that thing coming back across.

(14:54) So as he slides, push it… get it off of you. Okay. It doesn’t take much, we’re not using hard strikes now. That was not much force though. So as he slices, step, I can slide now I’m in position. I can strike to the back of the skull, I can drop him there, I can drop in here, I can basically eliminate my threat right here. Okay. All right.

(15:27) If he’s coming back across, coming back across… just what we are talking about. Get in here, strike at the elbow, okay. He can’t bring that back against me even if he wanted to right now. Okay. Now, we use speeding tie, strike right here, boom. Bends him over, back at the skull down it goes. Okay.

(15:54) That one more, he’s coming back across. It may not be a big movement, he may be in tight, okay. What I wanna do is jam at attack. He’s coming, boom right here, I’m jamming it. And I’m gonna do that, if he’s coming in, get my arm down or I’m covering more surface, okay. Remember the technique. Here; we cut, we strike. That was then earlier from the contact points. From this one, boom. I blocked it, I’ve trapped. The same technique, same technique, okay.

(16:35) What I’m trying to get across is about all the techniques that you’ve already seen can be modify or used in their same application, I guess the frontal assault or any assault coming at you. Because you’re gonna end up in those same basic positions on an attack.

(16:53) Okay, frontal attack coming over top. Okay, he’s doing it all. I’m gonna stab you and take you down through the top of your head whatever, whatever he’s got he’s gonna try to come down through your collar bone down through into your lungs and your heart.

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