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Self Defense (Knife Defense) Close Quarters Combat Part – 3

Self Defense (Knife Defense) Close Quarters Combat

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(17:09) Okay, so Jerry’s gonna over head strike. I’m here stepping in, okay. I actually missed, I was blocked when I got up here. I’m right here, use that elbow-strike. Drawing strike, okay. So, he’s coming, boom… I’m right here. Palm strike to the chin. Very effective, very effective, okay. He’s gonna come over top.

(17:35) Now, I’m may not be big. I mean I may not be forceful, I may be a woman. I may be a small-built man, now I get it here Jerry’s not big but I guarantee you, he’s very strong, okay. If he’s coming over top, worse thing I can do is swing here and try to catch this thing. Okay.

(17:54) If he’s strong even if I catch it, okay. He’s power still gonna come over where he may give me off barrels, and down I go. Now he’s on top of me.

(18:03) So the best thing I can do if he’s coming over, is deflect, redirect it and get it away from me. It comes down, I can drive it into Jerry as I do, but one of the basic things we’re gonna do here is I’m gonna step and I’m gonna step and as I step I’m gonna deliver that elbow strike.

(18:22) And I’m carrying through… boom. It will take your clear head clear off. I guarantee you, okay.

(18:29) Go here, I strike here, okay. Slide down, the ridge hand strike. I’m coming right, rotating my hip… boom. Right there, okay. You got to still remember this knife’s here but by moving in, I’m taking away a lot of the angles he’s got.

(18:50) And I’m not telling you you’re not gonna get cut. Hit him, hit him hard. Okay. While we’re hand strike, if you’re stepping in, same thing… get off center. Don’t stay square individually. He’s coming, I’m stepping in here. Boom. Drawing strike.

(19:09) Shoot a strike to the throat, okay. To the ear, into the temple, use the strikes you’ve already learned and practiced to stop this individuals. Don’t try to make a hundred moves, strikes and techniques, use what’s already been there, okay.

(19:27) Now, a very common technique you can use if somebody’s here. I just want to get his attention. To the muscular parts of the chest here, I can cause a dysfunction. This by a little strike, just a little palm strike there. You can ask Jerry if it gotta takes your breathe a little bit causes the lung to deflate a little. I can get his attention.

Self Defense - Knife Defense(19:48) Now, just remember we’re gonna cause a dysfunction to maybe one to two seconds. Boom. He is not affected for that brief amount of time. So I strike, now I can come through with my elbow strikes, my fist, to the sternum. Palm strike to the sternum, all those are effective from this position.

(20:09) Remember, that leg as I’m stepping in, stop it. Boom. Use that force on that attack. Okay.

(20:20) Now, Jerry’s coming through. He’s gonna hit me with its strike, that’ll be great. Okay.

(20:26) I’m gonna block it here, okay. Well I have my hand on it or my arm. Again, I’m striking with that borderproof fist, boom. I’m taking him out. Okay. So you’re striking, he’s coming.

(20:43) I take him out right there, okay. All these techniques, a hundred different grips this guy’s can use to try to attack you in angles. Every angles there, they’re gonna come from a quadrant of the body basically. You’ve got upper right, upper left, middle, or coming from the low angle.

(21:03) Pretty what after that has about a straightforward, right down your center.  Those are your angles of attack with this weapon. Really doesn’t get much more difficult than that. You may do severe on an attack, but that’s where they’re gonna come from. So understand, he’s gonna come from the upper right. If he’s coming with a down strike, it’s coming from the upper right.

(21:23) So I have choices. Okay. I’m gonna block here and attack, if it’s coming from the upper right, block here either side. But it’s coming from the same area, it doesn’t change what I’m going to do.

(21:37) Keep it simple, don’t try it and make forty two techniques. Best thing is keep it simple and use what works. Okay, he’s coming with the over head strike, okay. As he does, I’m gonna come here and now to the rib cage, so that does it’s already got him falling over. I can come down with a knife, but I can also come here into a control technique and now I have the blade in my hand. Okay.

(22:08) All right. He’s coming from the rest, I don’t care how it holds it. He’s gonna come from an over head strike. This is where it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter whether the knife is this way, or this way. It’s still a strike from the same area, coming at the same angles.

(22:24)Okay. I’ve got maybe a blade stick in down this force up. Okay. So, he’s coming… I’m gonna block. Right here. Groin strike, throat strike, step through; I can put him on the ground. Okay.

(22:41) All from the same areas, all from that same attack. Okay. Keep it simple, keep your blocks simple. Keep it’s all ready, you’ve already known, okay. You’ve learned the slaps, the down blocks, all those are effective methods of stopping that attack.

(22:59) Don’t try to make it difficult. Don’t try to do some of these if you’re not in the crowd and do all the nice thing you’ve learned because you’ll probably get hurt. Okay, unless you have proper instruction, you just ask yourself to get damage.

(23:14) Okay, these are simple techniques that are easily learned. We’re here in our urban warfare series, this is why close quarters combat on a bus, on a subway, and in tight situation where the individual is trying to rob you. Robert Hayden (?) here who’s an excellent man is my attacker and this as individuals up and exit next to you, it’s in a populated situation.

(23:38) He’s got a knife on me, okay. And he’s telling me where’s my money, he’s come up on me not to talk much, whatever. I’m very limited what I can do from this situation. Okay. If I try to roll away here, yes I get him away from me. But he’s gonna position and come right back with that knife. So, if I was in close like this what I’m gonna do is I’m wanna kinda lean away as I’m rotating and I wanna jam that knife to his body.

(24:05) Where he can’t do much. Now I immediately strike with an open hand close striker,  we come inside shoot to the base of the throat and the jaw right here. As you can see with what that does to him immediately. If I do that with this force, it’s gonna probably pretty eliminate any chances he had to get my wallet at that point.

(24:26) Okay, so in review; he’s up close he’s got the blade on to me. Understand, you probably get cut. That’s just the fact of life in this situation you’re in so close quarters and it’s a very sharp weapon. And we’re not playing with a toy here, this is a real blade, okay.

(24:42) So as he’s there, he’s told me what he wants; I’m gonna lean away and rotate jam on that to his body. As I do, I’m gonna use my hip rotation come right back with that strike eliminate.

(24:53) Now if I have to, I’ll keep striking so I control it. I can then go on another situation to strip the weapon from me.

(25:00) Okay, our second technique, is gonna be where I purges you from the front. He can slice me clear cross, no problem. I’m in tight, he may even have a hold on my shoulder to try to keep me from rotating away. Hey buddy, simple thing he can’t stop me from rotating.

(25:16) Okay, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna rotate, slap the weapon away. And as I do so now I’m gonna come back with a elbow strike to the head, which I guarantee will probably eliminate the situation right off the back. But for safety secs, I’m gonna come right back with a groin strike and I can get you through of my assault if I had to.

(25:37) Okay, in review; more on frontal. He’s got me, he wants my money. I’m gonna rotate, get in the weapon out here. Bang! I’m attacking and attacking. I’m gonna have to continue through of my assault. Those are just a couple of techniques from our urban warfare series.

(25:53) We urge everybody to log in and see what we have. Thank you.

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