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Susan Everetts

Susan Everetts – Senior Trainer

Susan is an 8th Dan Grandmaster International Instructor under the International Hosinsul Federation of Sr. Grandmaster Jeffrey Everetts, and a 9th degree (understudy) with the Korea TKD, Assoc., USA, Chang Moo Kwan, under Sr. Grandmaster Will D. Egner of Eustis, Florida and Augustine K. Lee of Los Angeles, Calif., and is sanctioned by the Korea TKD,USA Chang Moo Kwan as the North Eastern District Headquarters facility. Susan is also an 8th Dan “ Hanshi” under Dr. Ric Black in Budo-Ichi Zendo Budo/Bugei Remmei, and was certified as a Master Trainer with the United States Police Defensive Tactics Association. She is New York co-director for the USPDTA and Pennsylvania co- director and lifetime member of Chun Ji Do International under GM Robert Cutrell.

Susan took her first martial arts lessons in TKD in 1974, and now her certifications include Tae Kwan Do, Hapkido, Kun Tao, and Tai Chi, and she also trained in Judo at Clarion University, and in Bando under Grandmaster Maung Gyi. She is currently training in Modern Arnis and Kombaton under Datu Tim Hartman of Buffalo, NY.

She was promoted in July, 2010 by I.H.F., Jan. 2012 by TKD Chang Moo Kwan, USA, and Oct. 2011 by Dr. Ric Black to her current ranks. She is the female “oversee” in the USA for Korea TKD, USA Chang Moo Kwan and the head instructor and owner of I.H.F. Martial Arts.

Member of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation
Hall of Fame inductee of the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors in 2011 & 2012
2011 received the “Golden Lifetime Achievement Award” from the United States Martial Artist Association
2012 with “Silver Lifetime Achievement”
2012 she also received “Taekwondo Grandmaster of the Year” from the World Karate Union Hall of Fame
2013 was honored with “Grandmaster of the Year” from the USMAA.
International honors as “Female Self Defense Grandmaster of the Year” in 2011, from the Martial Arts Health and Fitness Hall of Fame
Faculty instructor of credited martial arts courses at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford since 1997