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Thomas Stanifer

Thomas Stanifer – Senior Trainer

  • Shodan 1985
  • Nidan 1988
  • SanDan 1992
  • Yondan 1999
  • GoDan 2010
  • RokuDan 2011
  • NanaDan 2013


A/S Criminal Justice- Law Enforcement 1985 B/S Organizational Management 2006

Trained Okinawan Goju Ryu karate, Okinawa kobudo Trained in Bunbu-Ichi Zendo Budo/Bugei Renmei Dojo Sensei 1985 to current

1988 Graduate FLETC- Federal Law Enforcement Training Center World Martial Arts Hall of Fame member 1991 World Head of Family -Master Division 2011 Defensive Tactics instructor-State of TN 1986′ 1987 Completed FBI Hostage negotiation’s training 1986 Disturbance Control Squad leader Dept of Justice 1989-1991 Prior Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Federal Officer and Federal property and Security manager. 22 plus years Federal Service Contract Officer Representative-Federal 2010 Past Federal Firearms License, gunsmith and machinist

USPDTA: Tennessee State Director 1987-1990 USPDTA Regional Director 2010 to current USPDTA Board of Directors member June 2013 to present

Course completed:
Tactical and Strategic Planning Handcuffing and Tactical apprehension Private Security Trainer
Hostage Negotiation’s
Vehicle searches
Law Enforcement Trainer
Control of Occupational Violence (COV)

Close Quarters Countermeasures Assailant Control
Police Baton
Master Trainer certification