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Training Programs


For over 30 years the USPDTA and WDTA has been a leading international training organization that employs state of the art training methods for security, law enforcement, military tactics and distance learning education through innovative technologies in the areas of:

Primary Programs:

  • Blunt Edged Weapons Defense
  • Edged Weapons Defense
  • Empty Hand Defense
  • Handgun Empty-Hand Defense
  • Shotgun Empty-Hand Defense
  • Long Gun Empty-Hand Defense
  • Military Close Quarters Combat Tactics
  • Multiple Assailant Defense

Secondary Programs:

  • Handcuffing and Restraint
  • Security Officer Tactics
  • Airline Safety and Survival Skills for Executives
  • Church & Synagogue Safety
  • Baton/PR-24
  • ASP Training
  • OC Spray
  • Martial Arts Training – Karate, Jujutsu and Weaponry
  • Night Club Security
  • Private Body Guard  Protector
  • Executive Protection Agent Training
  • Realtor Safety Program
  • Strategy and Tactics for Defense & Offense
  • Surveillance Techniques

Civilian Programs:

  • Protect Yourself for Women
  • Staying Alive 101
  • Civilian Self Defense
  • Campus Safe for Women